Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No hopes for grounded Wind Jet

The hopes for an return of the grounded Italian low-cost carrier Wind Jet are now extremly slight, after Alitalia has declared, not to take over the grounded carrier. Alitalia wanted to acquaire the struggling low-cost airline, but cancelled the plans on 1st August. Wind Jet could not survive with new cash-injection and had to cease all operations on 11th August. There were much hope for, that Alitalia would change it´s decision back and would acquaire the Sicilian airline.

The Italian authorities tried to rescue Wind Jet and arranged an meeting with leaders of Alitalia and Wind Jet yesterday. But they could not prompt Alitalia to acquaire the grounded airline. Alitalia now has revealed the reasons for the failed takeover of Wind Jet before. As Alitalia explained, both airlines had been really interested to finish the deal, but Wind Jet was sloppy with the conditions and claims. Important financial facts were not passed on. Also aircraft and maintenance data was were not relayed. Subsequent Alitalia cancelled the plans. Following to speculations, also disunity about the price (20 to 30 million euros) have lead to the failure of the merger talks on 1st August.

With the Alitalia refusal, the hopes for an restart for the airline are next to zero. The Wind Jet boss still is hoping for an investor for the carrier. But it doesn´t seems like there would be no white knight for Wind Jet. Bad expectations for the 500 Wind Jet employees and the estimated 300 employees in the supplying industry, that would lose their jobs too.

Currently Alitalia and some other airliners are engaged with carry the stranded Wind Jet passengers. In the last night Alitalia has organized 20 extra flights for 900 passengers. Wind Jet passengers can rebook for 80 euros (domestic) and 250 euros (international) to other airlines. Originally, Alitalia wanted to takeover Wind Jet to improve it´s  position on the Italian aviation market. In 2011, Wind Jet carried 2.8 million passengers.


  1. Who owns the Windjet aircraft

    1. Wind Jet leased their aircraft, so the planes have now been returned to the lessors, who will lease them to another airline, sell the aircraft or maybe scrap them, if there are no interest.

      If the planes would have been owned by Wind Jet, they now would have been sold and the cash had been paid to the creditors. But Wind Jet did not own any aircraft.