Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Key people of failed Skyways and Cimber Sterling have founded a successor

Former key people of the the two failed carriers  Skyways (Sweden) and Cimber Sterling (Denmark) has founded an new airline, that shall commence former routes of Skyways. Cimber Sterling and Skyways have ceased the operations, after the same Ukrainian owner of both airlines did not put new capital into the loss-making carriers. Cimber Sterling has already an operative successor: Cimber, that was founded and owned by the son of the founder, an former manager of the airline and an third person and is currently operating four CRJ-200 in wetlease for SAS Scandinavian Airlines.

Now some former Skyways-VD Mikael Wångdahl managers try to establish an successor for Skyways. The company with the name Sky4u AB was registered 2nd July 2012. Mikael Wångdahl has the role of the Managing director, while former Cimber Sterling CEO Jan Palmér took over the role of the chairman. Jan Olof Brunstedt is along the team. He has not worked for either Skyways or Cimber Sterling before.
There is not much known about the airline, They want´s to operate some routes on the former Skyways regional network. They probably plans to use Fokker 50. The name Sky4u AB could maybe changed to Skyways4u AB.Skyways was the biggest regional airline in Sweden and operated various regional flights, both international and domestic.

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