Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tunisair and Syphax Airlines: sabotage and news from Tunisair network

Tunisair Express, subsidiary of flag-carrier Tunisair is extending their flights on the domestic route from Syphax to Tunis while using larger aircraft. Beside a new route from Syphax to Banghazi will be commenced soon.

All in all it could be a normal event, but the history of the start-up Syphax Airlines could allow other reasons for the increased capacity. Syphax Airlines was formed in 2011 as an private company and wanted to commence flights from Syphax, Djerba and Tunis destinations in Tunisia to France, Turkey and Morocco. In Syphax and Djerba the airline had no problems to get traffic rights but in Tunis the flag-carrier blocked the plans of the airline to save it´s monopoly and calm unions of Tunisair, which saw an job killer in the new carrier. The government tried to smooth down differences and allowed Syphax Airlines to fly to Tunis. Afterwards Syphax Airlines commenced flights with it´s two Airbus A319, but Tunisair-owned handling agents sabotaged the airlines operations. Syphax Airlines ceased operations just a few days after they´ve commenced and the founder and investor, Mohamed Frikha, said that he would drop the project definitely. A few days later the airline started to fly again, after the government have compounded, that the airline only can fly restricted to Tunis but in return they get secured for not be sabotaged.

With this in mind the announcement of Tunisair to expand on the Syphax market could have other reasons: Tunisair tries to combat the start-up, which have it´s focus on Syphax routes, with an better quotation.  

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