Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New chance for the successor of Air Afrique, Air Cemac

Air Cemac, ten years old but far apart from taking of. Founded in 2002 by the CEMAC countries (Congo-Brazzaville, Cameroon, Equatorial-Guinea, Chad and the Centralafrican Republic and Gabon, the airline should replace the collapsed Air Afrique. The airlines first partner, Royal Air Maroc backed out of the deal, after they decided, that the project is to hazardous. The "airline" used several years to find an new partner airline, which would help them to commence operations and also would invest in the airline. In the begin of 2011 Air Cemac could win South African Airways for the project, they took over 40 percent of the shares. But by the begin of 2012 South African Airways backtracked from the buisiness.

Now a new partner could be found: Air France. The airline should after the last news take off in 2013. But probably it will don´t be that easy: For time, again a lot of troubles between the countries is proceeding: Where will the base be set up? All six countries want to get as much from the airline as possible. It seems like the end of Air Afrique, when the countries argued about, that some countries got for much flights. They now continue with the troubles, which meant the end of Air Afrique an dacade earlier.

Another interesting question is what will happen with the existing government-owned airlines in the countries like ECAir or Camair-co? Will they continue to operate or will they be integrated in the new company?

All in all it would be a big surprise, if the airline would be a success: Six countries with six different interests can´t be good for an airline. An second Arik Air is possible, but implausible, when counties as Chad and Centralafrican Republic are amoung the owners.

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