Monday, June 18, 2012

Virgin Atlantic unveils new upper class cabin

The British long-haul airline Virgin Atlantic has unveiled their new upper class cabin. It took four years to design the new cabin and raised expenses about 100 million US$.

The new cabin includes new seats and an refreshment of other parts in the cabin. The seats will be the world´s longest business class flat bet with an length of 220 cm and will offer the passengers an improved privacy. Furthermore the entertainment system is equipped with 12.1-inch touchscreen monitors and can be connected with tablets and headphones, the passengers carry along. A highlight is the new bar in the upper class cabin: it will longer than the competitors first class bars and allow several passengers to seat. The refreshment of the cabins will continue for several months.

Beside this, Virgin Atlantic had announced plans to fly to South America and add more China destinations. Nowadays the airline just serves Shanghai as it´s sole China destination and no destinations in South America at all.

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