Monday, June 18, 2012

Munich Airport: Citizens have voted against the third runway

The planned third runway at Munich Airport have been kicked into the long grass. Yesterday around one million eligible voters in the Munich region had the possibility to vote on the planned third runway. The runway is needed to allow further increasing of the traffic on the airport, but the citizens in the region, which feared noise pollution, get in full cry over the plans. That´s why there was prescribed an referendum about the third runway. Yesterday the referendum took place. Around a third of the eligible voters visited the polling stations. 54.3 Percent voted against the runway, while 45.7 Percent said yes to extension. Concomitant there will be no third runway in the near future. The proceedings could first continue, when a new mayor could win the next elections in 2014 and would arrange renegotiations.

Already to day the runway system is overloaded and there are long waiting times for the aircraft. In 2011 nearly 38 million passengers passed the airport. The airport is after Frankfurt Airport the second-biggest in Germany. Lufthansa is the biggest carrier at the airport and have located here their second Hub beside Frankfurt in Germany. The airline plans to relocate some of their capacity to other airports like Frankfurt. Other big carriers in Munich are Condor, Air Berlin and some Lufthansa partners like Air Dolomiti.

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