Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CSA-Partner Central Connect Airlines ceased operations

The Czech regional airline Central Connect Airlines (3B/JBR), also known as Job Air, has ceased it´s operation yesterday evening, the 18th June 2012 due financial difficulties. The airline was founded 2005 and operated a small fleet of Saab 340 at time of closure. The airline, which formally served some routes on the Czech domestic market recently changed it´s business model and began in end of March 2012 in cooperation with CSA Czech Airlines from Prague to Berlin, Hanover, Stuttgart, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Krakow.

CSA Czech Airlines until now haven´t organized replacement on the routes operated by Central Connect Airlines and terminated selling tickets for the routes. Passengers who booked flights with Central Cennect Airlines have to search an other way of transportation. Central Connect Airlines plans to reorganize themselves and commence operations again. CSA Czech Airlines consider to overtake some of the Central Connect Airlines routes and serve them with own aircraft. Some of the routes, Central Connect Airlines overtook in March were before served by CSA Czech Airlines.

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