Monday, June 3, 2013

Sky Airlines ceases operations

The Turkish-based charter airline Sky Airlines has ceased it operations today. Prior, one of the biggest costumers of the airline, GTI Travel, which actually has the same owners as Sky Airlines, had to file for bankruptcy and shut down operations as well.

In the recent months Sky Airlines already reduced it´s fleet. GTI Travel has been known as cash-stricken before.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Aerosvit Airlines ceases operations and files for bankruptcy.

AeroSvit A320 at Tivat Airport, Montenegro

Ukrainian airline Aerosvit Airlines has ceased all operations today, 4th January 2013. The last flight on it´s main base at Kiev Borispol took place on 12.50. The airline already filed for bankruptcy on December 29, 2012.

It is unclear if the airline will resume operations. Aerosvit was one of the major carriers in Ukraine, alongside with Ukraine International Airlines. The fleet consist of a huge number of Boeing 737 and a few Embraer 190, Airbus A320 and Boeing 767. Furthermore the fleet included an single ATR 72. The airline has estimated Euro 420 million in debts.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Meridiana fly to cut network, fleet and staff

One of the carriers MD-80 aircraft at Gate in Catania. This aircraft type is not  hidden by the current cost-saving programme.
The Italian airline Meridiana fly has announced massive cuts. The airline will retire both Airbus A330, and seven of the 13 Airbus A320 family aircraft. Furthermore it´s sister carrier Air Italy will retire one Boeing 767 but proceeding long-haul flights, while Meridiana fly will terminate all long-haul flights. The staff will be reduced by 650 employees from January 2013. The reason for the cut is the poor financial position of the carrier and the huge losses.

The remaining fleet consists of six Airbus A319/A320 (but it is unclear, if all A319 will be retired) and 10 aircraft of the MD-80 series.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

CSA Czech Airlines to resume long-haul operations?

The Czech national carrier CSA Czech Airlines has announced plans to resume long-haul flights with an single leased Airbus A330 from summer 2013. CSA initially plans to operate just one single long-haul route from Prague to Seoul Incheon with two return trips per week. The route is currently served by Korean Air. Further routes are scheduled to follow. In the free time the A330 is planned to be used on the airlines short and medium-haul network.

CSA has operated long-haul flights in the recent years. Due to financial reasons the airline ceased it´s scheduled long-haul flights a few years ago. The remaining Airbus A310 were then used an short period for long-haul charter operations before the last A310 was withdrawn from use in 2010.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

1time to be acquired by FastJet, could resume operations

The failed South-African low-cost carrier 1time, which has been forced to cease it´s operations last month due to financial difficulties could be revived. The new pan-African budget airline FastJet, that just have commenced domestic operations in Tanzania with an single Airbus A319, has announced, that it is in talks with the liquidator of 1time. FastJet plans to acquire the company and resume operations with the former fleet of MD-80 series aircraft. Later the fleet will be replaced by new Airbus A319 and beaing rebranded as FastJet.

FastJet has already shown interests in acquisition of some of the 1times assets and it´s AOC some days after the closure of 1time.

Former PLUNA employees announces successor for the failed carrier

The union of employees of the failed Urugayan flag-carrier PLUNA has announced a successor for the former national airline. PLUNA was forced to cease operations on July 5, 2012 and was soon put into liquidation. The airlines fleet of Bombardier CRJ900 ware sold in October. The most of the airlines routes have been overtaken by BQB Airlines.

The successor is scheduled to commence operations on April 1, 2013 with an fleet of several CRJ900, according to several sources nine of those jets are expected (old PLUNA had 13 CRJ900). The airline shall start with 490 employees, an huge number of the former staff of 750 PLUNA employees. The airline is managed and owned by the worker´s union. The company name until now is COOPLUNA, but the final name is not clear until new. Maybe the airline will pick up the former PLUNA branding (like Swiss) or adopt a brand new name (like Brussels Airlines did). The company is based on Montevideo Airport.

The government of Uruguay has announced to subsidize the new airline with USD 15 million. According to the business plan, the new PLUNA will make losses around USD 7 million in its first year of operation.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Monarch considers to order 45 new narrow body jets.

The UK charter an low-cost carrier Monarch has announced, that it consider to order 45 new narrow body jets. It is to expect, that the airline will prefer the Airbus A320neo, but it stated, that it also is interested in the Boeing 737MAX. The decision will take place in the next months, because the airline want´s to order in late 2013. The first aircrafts are scheduled to be delivered in 2021.

Monarch is currently undergoing a transformations of it´s business model. The carrier has increased it´s scheduled network rapidly in the recent years while reducing capacity in the charter market. In 2005, the airline carried around 2.6 million passengers on scheduled routes and 2.8 million passengers on charter flights. In 2011 Monarch already transported more than 4.5 million passengers on scheduled routes but just 1.4 million passengers on charter flights. In total, Monarch carried nearly 6 million passengers in 2011. The scheduled low-cost are expected to be increased further.

Currently Monarch fleet consists of seven Airbus A320, 16 Airbus A321 and three Boeing 757. On long-haul flights the airline using their two Airbus A330-200 and four Airbus A300-600. The Airbus A300 and Boeing 757 is to be retired by 2014. Originally, the A300 was planned to been replaced by new Boeing 787, but Monarch has recently cancelled this orders. Further Airbus A320 and A321 will be set in service in 2013. Scheduled flights and as well charter operations of Monarch are currently focussed on routes between UK airports and holiday destinations. Domestic flights or business routes are not offered.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Air Sweden is planning scheduled flights

The Swedish airline Air Sweden is now planning scheduled flights. As destinations the airline has announced  London, Frankfurt, and Paris as international and Arvidsjaur, Gällivare and Hemavan as domestic destinations out of the airlines hub in Umeå. Transfer is made through Umeå.

Air Sweden was founded in 2009 as successor of the failed airline Nordic Airways and commenced charter operations with an single MD-81 in early 2010. In the same year the airline added two Airbus A320 and one MD-83 to it´s fleet. In April 2011 the Swedish authorities withdrawn the AOC of the airline due to financial problems. In May, the licence was regained and the airline commenced limited operations, but due to a lack of money, the airline suspended operations again in September 2011, in early 2012 the airline lost its AOC again due to financial difficulties. The airline has now not been operative for one year, the Airbus are reterned to their lessors and the MD-80 aicraft have been sold.
But with a new investor, the airline now want´s to resume flights. In August 2012 the airline surprisingly announced to resume operations and therefore to lease two Airbus A320 from early 2013. In the same month it announced, that it will base both Airbus A320 in Crete in summer 2013. Just some weeks later, the Air Sweden released, that it plans to lease or buy Embraer E-Jets and furthermore purposes building an office in Umeå  Northern Sweden. The airline, that officially now is named Nordic Air Sweden stated, that it now have returned to the place, Umeå, where the successor Nordic Airlink started operations in 2001.

Now Air Sweden has announced to commence operations on the six routes named in the upper part of this article. In London the airline wants to fly to Stansted, in Paris CDG has been chosen.  The flights are scheduled to start already from February 2013 with two Embraer 195 with 120 seats. But neither a schedule nor a booking system has been released or invented yet. Air Sweden want´s to operate as an full-service carrier with free meals and baggage. The planes will wear the same livery as the planes of the old Air Sweden.
Air Sweden still has plans for two Cretan-based Airbus A320 in summer 2013.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

flybe interested in Wideroe acquisition

Wideroe Dash 8 in Bodo, one of the most important airports in the Wideroe network.

The UK regional carrier flybe is interested in acquisition of the Norwegian commuter airline Wideroe´s Flyveselskab. Wideroe is currently fully owned by SAS Scandinavian Airlines, but SAS has announced to sell Wideroe, SAS Ground Handling, engines and further property. In total, SAS plans to raise around USD 440 million USD through this. How much they expect for Wideroe, is not been published. Wideroe is operating an fleet of various Dash 8 on regional air routes and as fell on PSO flights. A high percentage of Wideroe flights are operated in an PSO agreement. The airline has an important role in the domestic Norwegian hub-and-spoke system by SAS. The airline has fixed assets worth total USD 250 million and is profit-making.

Flybe has now announced plans to acquire Wideroe. Flybe also operates an huge number of Dash 8 an is already well seasoned with regional operations. It has recnetly acquired Finnish commuter airline Finncomm Airlines and has rebranded it as flybe nordic. If flybe should acquire Wideroe, it is to hope, that they will keep the popular Wideroe brand, which is in use since several dozen of Years.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Manston Airports to get scheduled flights again

Manston Airport, also known as Kent International Airport in the UK is to get scheduled flights again. From April 2013 KLM will operate two daily services to Amsterdam with Fokker 70. The plane is to make an overnight stop in Manston.

Manston Airport is currently not served by any scheduled carrier. In the past the airport has been the base for the short-living EUjet and has to been served by flybe too with Dash 8. Furthermore there are a very few charter operations in Manston.

Friday, November 2, 2012

1time ceases operations and files for liquidation

The South-African low-cost carrier 1time has ceased all operations with immediate effect at 15 pm today, Friday 4th November and has filed for liquidation . The airline had an fleet of eleven McDonnell Douglas MD-80. The airline has debts about 320 million rand. In the last six months, the airline loosed 43.5 million rand, as it announced in late October. The airline has already been in an large restructuring process since August 2012.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Volotea announces two new bases from summer 2013

The European low-cost airline, established in 2011, has announced to open bases in Palermo and Bordeaux from summer 2013. Both destinations are already served today on a limited number and routes. Currently, the airline has bases in Venice and Nantes. Obviously, Volotea had an further base in Ibiza to, but it is now closed.

Volotea commenced operations in 2012 and offers routes across Southern Europe, featured on France, Italy and Spain. Furthermore, Munich and Prague are served. Volotea operates an fleet of Boeing 717.  

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Maastricht Airlines announced as new regional carrier based in Maastricht.

The new Dutch airline Maastricht Airlines has announced regional operations from Maastricht-Aachen Airport. The airline plans to operate with an fleet of Fokker 50s from early 2013 to Amsterdam, Berlin SXF, Munich and Paris CDG. Later flights are planned to Copenhagen and London SEN. By end of 2014, the airline expects to operate six Fokker 50.

The most of the routes, Maastricht Airlines plans to operate, are currently unserved. On the planned route to London, Ryanair flies in competition to Stansted. The route to Berlin SXF is currently served by Germanwings, but the no-frills airline will cease operations on this route in a few months and has plans to restart this route, when the new BER airport opens.

Maasticht Airlines have announced to be a full-service carrier.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

norwegian announces base in London Gatwick

One of the 737s of the airline in Oslo.

The Scandinavian cut-price carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle, simply referred to norwegian, has announced an new base in London Gatwick. From spring 2013, the airline will base three Boeing 737-800 on the UK airport, an 4th aircraft is planned for late 2013. The airline will use the planes on new scheduled routes out of Gatwick to leisure destinations in Southern Europe. All in all the airline will operate up to 300 weekly flights to Alicante, Barcelona, Dubrovnik, Faro, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Malaga, Montpellier, Nice, Palma, Rome, Split and Tenerife. All flights are operated in competition to other budget airlines.

This will be the first flights fully outside of Scandinavia for the airline. Until now, the carrier has based planes in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and for operational reasons in Spain. The 64 Boeing 737 of the airline serves a high number of Scandinavian domestic flights and flights between the Scandinavian countries and as well flights from Scandinavia to a huge number of leisure and business destinations in Europe.

Norwegian is an very popular low-cost airline. It offers cheap fares, but in contrast to carriers like easyJet and Ryanair no dumping fares. There is no free baggage and now complimentary meals on board. A very famous brownie point of the airline is, that it offers free WLAN on several flights.